Once Upon a Time’s Belle: (Adult/Human) Adventurous, Brave, Good, Bookworm, Neat

CC List: Mary Gold-Office Dress | Sam_Adult Dining in Dots | T-Strap Heels | GEOM Sliders (Upper Lip; Nose Septum; Jawline) | S-Club Slider Hacks (NUMSliders; 5X) ***If you have trouble downloading these, you can also find them here. | Eyebrows | Eruwen Contacts n10 | Peggy Retextured Hair (top pic—not included in pkg file) | Cazy Hair Retextured (bottom pics) | Tifa Eyebag V.1&2 |  234jiao Asian Skin | Cutie Gloss | Facial Sliders |



Mr. Gold: (Adult/Witch) Family-Oriented, Hot-Headed, Coward, Mean Spirited, Born Salesman

CC List: S-Club Slider Hacks (above) | GEOM Sliders (above) | Sweetly Swept Back Hair $$$ | Business on the Top $$$ | Accessory Cane | Skin (above) | Age Details | Pirate Ring | Tifa Wrinkle between Brows | Eyebrows | Facial Sliders (above) |


***Will need Supernatural Expansion pack for Belle’s everyday outfit to display correctly, and to be able to play with Mr. Gold as a witch.  

***Sims are NOT packaged with CC skins. Belle is also packaged with a default (Paradise Island hair instead of the hair in the second picture).